Institute for the Advancement of Service


A roadmap for psychological and spiritual growth


Universal Tributes

bee souldevelopment

Soul Development

The evolution of the soul
through service

lotus leadership

Leadership as a classroom
of the soul



diamond service


Service as the masterpiece of the soul

angel grouplife

The role of groups in the 5th dimension


Group Life

Welcome to the Institute
for the Advancement of Service!

Have you been wondering how you can help others and be of service at this time when our world seems to be spiraling out of control? Are you overwhelmed and exhausted by what’s happening and seeking a way to care for yourself and others? Maybe you’re even asking the question, “Why am I here?” The Institute’s courses, practices, and teachings invite you to explore all of these questions through the lens of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Characterized by universal teachings and practical applications, the Institute’s offerings show another way to live and to serve at this unique and challenging time on Planet Earth. We invite you to learn, through the plentiful offerings on this site, how to transform your understanding of what happens in your life and in the world into learning, healing, and service.

The Institute has developed a curriculum of four primary areas of concentration – soul development, service, leadership, and group life. Through this curriculum, you are invited to:

  • engage with your soul as it moves through a series of cycles or stages on its journey to full expression,
  • explore the relationship between your motives for serving and the quality of your service,
  • understand leadership as a classroom of the soul – where you can discover what qualities and competencies each of your leadership challenges offers to you, and
  • partake of a new model of leadership and how to work with groups as humanity experiences a cosmic shift into a new way of being.

The Institute draws upon the disciplines of spirituality, psychology, neuropsychology, metaphysics, physical and mental health, leadership, and group consciousness, to explore such questions as: Why do I feel disconnected from my soul and how can I reconnect? How can I stop being judgmental and be kinder to myself and others? How can I have more integrity in my choices and behaviors? Why do certain elements of my leadership challenge me more than others – and why do I feel no joy in my leadership? Why is it so difficult to work in groups? How can I help my group – my family, my friends, my community – or organization to work better together? What is the bigger picture of what is happening right now on our planet?

The Institute is here to support you to shift your thoughts, actions, and words in order to look within rather than without for wholeness. We invite you to join us as we answer the call to deepen our collective understanding of what wants to emerge in the world, taking a step through the Aquarian doorway as we move out of the personal into the collective and out of duality into wholeness.

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